As many of you know, we are entering the height of New York Fashion Week. What does that have to do with this Phoenix orthodontist? Well, this year the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) is teaming up with fashion expert Tai Beauchamp from InStyle magazine for the gala affair. (And yes, since Straight Line Orthodontics does mainly braces and Invisalign type treatments, we are a member of the AAO.) Of course there will be many entities represented at the pop-up event in Columbus Circle, such as Sephora, Align Technolgy and Shock Doctor. The event will feature a Q&A session for a team of orthodontists where "SmileTini's" and "Grin and Tonics" will be served to the guests. The AAO's  new tagline, Your Smile is Your Best Accessory, is meant to get the public thinking about their smile in a new, fresh way. Much like a designer dress (or suit), a beautiful necklace or fasionable watch--a smile is the ultimate enhancement. Unlike those other accessories however, a smile will weather the test of time...even longer than "permanent makeup."  What better way to introduce it than at a major fashion event where everything is all about looks?! Here at your ever present Phoenix orthodontics office, Straight Line Orthodontics, we have a direct "track" or connection to the fashion world due to our patient, Ali Aungst. Many of you have followed her success at the Phoenix Fashion events along with us on Facebook. Word has it that she has graduated to the modeling major leagues. She will be joining some of her peers in Mexico City for the Fall fashion season. Congratulations Ali! We are sooooo proud of you!