Ah, a very controversial subject! I’ve been in the field of orthodontics working, just for a Phoenix orthodontist and for a Scottsdale orthodontist, for over twenty years and in the last 5-7 years the question will occasionally come up–so I did some research. The Journal of Clinical Orthodontics has long assessed the efficiency of self-ligating brackets compared to the traditional brackets that the “colored” ties are put on to hold the wire in the bracket. It seems that time and time again there is a lack of concrete data to support their claims of decreasing orthodontic treatment time. Studies continue to show that the “friction factor” that is supposed to be one of the key advantages in the shortened treatment time debate, doesn’t prove out. So it seems, if it’s colors junior wants, standard braces will work  just as effectively as the Damon brackets. And if it’s inconspicuous you want, standard braces can address that issue too (with the silver or gray ties). So why not save yourself some money if the Damon Doctor is charging more for his/her “shorter treatment time” appliances, when standard brackets will provide the same result in the same amount of time?!