Being a  North Phoenix orthodontist, some of our patients come in for second opinions regarding braces (or Invisalign) treatment.  Especially if the patient is young, frequently an other orthodontist will have proposed a two phase treatment plan-inferring that it is in the best interest of the patient to do their treatment this way. (The first phase typically begins at about age 6-8 years of age, then another phase begins around 12 years old or so.)  In April of 2008, the American Assoc. of Orthodontists reported on a study addressing this very issue. The bottom line?  For one of the most common overbite problems, it was determined that was NO DIFFERENCE in the outcome of doing the treatment either way, but that one (1) phase treatments were “significantly shorter” than the two (2) phase treatment group’s. However, early intervention for some bite issues and any negative psychologically impacting situations are warranted at an earlier age.