No matter if you seeing a Phoenix orthodontist, a Scottsdale orthodontist, or a Kalamazoo orthodontist, when you receive your first orthodontic appliance–a word to the wise, gentle. Chewing that is . . . After a few hours, no matter what appliance is used, usually your teeth will become tender. This is similar to the ache your muscles feel after an intense gym workout, or strenuous hike. The ligaments around the teeth respond just like your leg muscles, as the teeth begin moving from the pressure being put on them. So remember what shelf in the refrigerator you keep the ice cream on,  where the applesauce, smoothie ingredients, and pudding might be. Oh, and always keep plenty of rice and pasta around, for the occasional “healthy” meal you may want to eat for the next couple of days. The tenderness doesn’t last for long, but hey, why not take advantage of it?!