Phoenix orthodontist Ok, so Halloween is right around the corner, so this Phoenix orthodontist and his staff decided to dig into the history of  braces. Hopefully you will find these strange facts about braces interesting and entertaining. If you think braces were barbaric back when your parents had them, just imagine what it was like even before their time! Braces on mummies (oh my): When digging up ancient ruins, it was found that mummies had metal strips wrapped around their teeth. Each tooth was wrapped with a strip of metal and it's believed that dentists of that era used used catgut to move the teeth and close spaces. The first "real" braces: Didn't occur until 1728 and were made of flat strips of metal. A guy by the name of Pierre Fauchard came up with the idea. He used string to attach the strips to the teeth. Bands with brackets invented: It wasn't until 1915 that an orthodontist, Edward Angle, came up with this concept. Originally brackets weren't glued directly to the teeth, but welded to a "band" and those were adheared to all the teeth. (Those of you have bands on your molars know what I'm talking about.) Stainless steel wires were then used to administer the movement of the teeth. Wires: Although we started out just using stainless steel wires to move the teeth, technology has evolved our industry. Not only have the braces themselves changed, but NASA devleoped a type of wire (nickle titanium) that is very flexible, but retains it's shape regardless how crooked your teeth are.  This resulted in a more gradual movement of the teeth, meaning a more comfortable experience for our patients. Antique rubberbands: A guy, named Tucker, started making rubberbands out of small strips of rubber tubing. (Yuck!) Braces for the over 60 crowd: It's hardly ever "too late" to straighten your teeth or correct your bite. As long as the gums and bone are in good health, your orthodontist can work his/her magic. Did you know that Faye Dunaway was 61 when she had her braces? Just goes to show that no matter how old you are, you deserve an "award winning" smile!