A lot of times when I tell people what I do for a living they’ll say something like “I’d love to straighten my teeth, but it’s sooo expensive!” Then I’ll ask them if they’ve actually seen a Phoenix orthodontist for a consultation, and they’ll say no, but they just know that braces (or Invisalign) are expensive. Then I’ll have to put my “educator hat” on and let them know that until you have a thorough exam by a certified Orthodontist, you’re just guessing that a fabulous new smile is out of your financial grasp. The truth is that usually orthodontic treatments are priced according to difficulty and that every one is different. These days most people can be treated in two years or less, and ALMOST EVERYBODY can afford braces or Invisalign–it just depends on how you choose to spend your discretionary income. Of course, it may come down to a decision of whether you want take a cruise or creating a smile you can be proud of! It seems like people also will say that they can afford the monthly payments, but there’s no way they can come up with the down payment. Our office works hard to make beautiful smiles a reality in this economic downturn. We try to make down payments affordable so you can get started, but in the event you just can’t come up with anything extra, we also work with Care Credit and Lending Tree in an effort to eliminate down payments and spread the payments over a longer period of time, so you can fit them into your budget. So, yes, you CAN afford a lifetime of smiles. If having a great smile is truly important to you, I can’t help think there is some way for you to afford it. Let this Phoenix orthodontist and his team help you figure out how to make that dream a reality!