All my life we’ve been celebrating St. Patrick’s day, but I never knew why. Sooo, I did a little digging. Seems that back in the 5th century, there was a patron saint (but not Irish born) who became somewhat of hero due to his service throughout Ireland. When he died on March 17th, religious & cultural celebrations began. And here we are today, still following the tradition! (Any excuse for a festival, right?!) So one of the traditions that goes with St. Patrick’s day is to wear green. And what if you don’t? Well, you get pinched of course!! Why? Sounds like it’s because “us people” need to remind those who don’t, that invisible leprechauns will sneak up and pinch them. Guess that makes us “leprechaun helpers.” Doesn’t make sense to me, but who am I to argue with tradition? Anyway, green attire is all fine and good,  but let’s not leave gunk on our teeth so long that it turns green. YUCK!!  Not to mention, that leftover broccoli or lettuce or asparagus isn’t attractive either. (Although it may keep you from getting pinched—nobody will want to get that close to you.) When wearing braces, food doesn’t slide off your teeth like it did before. This means that you run the risk of debris getting caught in the braces or that you don’t get it all out when you brush. Sometimes you’ll need to drag out that proxy brush we gave you or floss or the waterpick to get out the leftovers. And if you’re wearing Invisalign, whether you’re going to a Scottsdale orthodontist or not, things can get trapped in those trays, which isn’t attractive either. We all have fun eating corned beef & cabbage, green cookies, bagels, and what not. But a word to the wise from this Phoenix orthodontist’s office: check in the mirror after you eat and/or brush to make sure you don’t gross everybody out. (Not to mention that over prolonged periods of time the “gunk” can cause white decalcification marks or cavities.) After all, this is supposed to enhance your good looks, not detract from them!!