– There is something to be said for going to a basically young people’s dentist at the age of 73. Your office atmosphere is interesting, playful, and relaxing. You all are especially mindful of your patients’ comfort. (S. Cooke)

– Thank you Straight Line! My son’s teeth look terrific and I’m sure his brother’s smile will will be just as great in just a year! Your professionalism, customer service and thorough treatment for ALL my boys’ orthodontic needs, means the world to me. As you know, I was referred to you by another one of your patients years ago and I will do the same for anyone looking for a GREAT ortho experience. Thank you again. (Shelley B.)

– Good, helpful, positive people with good humor too!! Doing a great job and professional as well. (Barb G.)

– We not only find the staff here courteous and concerned . . . they are our friends now! ( Ken K.)

– My son felt good about being treated in this office. They are very friendly and did an awesome job. (Jill E.)

– One of the most positive aspects of your practice is that you’re very courteous & friendly, easy to work with and flexible. ( Seana P.)

– You have friendly staff, very timely appointments & the coffee’s always ready. (Sherry R.)

– Both of my kids LOVE you guys! (Don M.)

– Orthodontia is not fun, but you made it cool for our son and he never minded. (Anna H.)

It’s amazing how you solved my problem in six short months. You’re a great dentist with a super team. I’ll be recommending you to all my friends–and their children and grandchildren and . . . (S. Cooke)

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